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Hiring on SupportFinity

Remote work is now a fact, more engaged employees, higher retention, increased productivity and happier employees are all proven benefits of remote work. Even after COVID, 85% of business will only hire remotely in more than 75% of their open positions.

Now the real challenge is to get access to talents no matter where they are, nationwide or internationally.

Here is why I like a lot of features at SupportFinity, all of them I haven’t seen elsewhere. So if you are a hiring manager, you might need to check that.

Availability of diverse tech-fields

One thing I like about SupportFinity is that although it is specialized only in tech, yet it supports a huge variety of fields for hiring managers and jobseekers to choose from. This means that, if hiring managers need to hire a team or even one person for a certain project, they will be always able to find what they are looking for.

These are the verticals that are available on SupportFinity.

Verticals at SupportFinity

Immediate hiring cost option

Once you specify the job title, years of expertise and the number of needed experts, the algorithm will automatically calculate the cost of hiring for you and match you with qualified candidates.

For example, if you want to hire your team of Python developers for one year the hiring cost will be displayed immediately as shown in the screenshot below;

Team at SupportFinity

This is as a super powerful option, it solves the daunting budgeting process for any hiring manager. Accurate hiring budget was never possible. However, with their proprietary algorithms they could get you a fair, simple and final hiring cost.

On the other side, all job positions they post disclose the full salaries, so job applicants can know how much exactly they will be paid, this is a powerful and transparent feature.

In short, SupportFinity is like Uber but for remote hiring. It sets the cost of hiring for companies and-on the other side-the salaries for job applicants, so both can know exactly the financial details of what will be paid (hiring managers) and what will be earned (job seekers), this saves tons of time and lots of hiring awkwardness!

Ability to share your team with co-workers

Another simple yet thoughtful feature, is that after customizing a team, it can be shared with other co-workers. So, the hiring is made by co-worker from the beginning till the very end of hiring.

Planning, budgeting, interviewing, contracting and payments can all be shared and executed by different team members from one dashboard.


Ready-teams templates

The feature I like the most about the platform is the ready teams templates. If you don’t want to go through the process of hiring a team from scratch , this will be your go-to option.

You will have your teams ready with everything you need like the skills, cost, number of employees and their expertise. You can book your team with just a click and you are done.

Ready teams templates

Teams Templates

In my opinion, I think that the platform is making a revolution in remote hiring. There are even more features than the ones I stated here.

Know more about SupportFinity and its features from here.


  • Dalia Fawzy

    Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate.

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Dalia Fawzy

Dalia Fawzy

Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate.

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