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You can Hire remotely on SupportFinty like no other platforms in the world, we made remote hiring a fun and easy experience like never before.

When you use SupportFinity platform, you can customize a team of any size, from any location and with any specs you need. Then, our algorithms will calculate one single simple hiring cost for you and match you with vetted candidates from our 100+ countries global community.

Here is how it works:

1- Your team consists of groups, each group can contain one or many experts sharing the same hiring details.

So a team can be just one expert in one group up to as many experts in multiple groups as needed.

You can start customizing or build a team using our “Team Builder” utility from any point on SupportFinity’s website, it will take you to this link:

The first screen of your team builder will look like this:   

By default, the Team Builder helps you customize the first group in your team step by step by clicking the “Next” button.

Alternatively, you can answer all questions about the first group in one screen by clicking on the “Quick Mode” button.

2- After finishing your first group, click on “Continue to team view” button

Then, you will see your team view with the group you have created.

You can continue adding more groups to your team by clicking on the “Add” tile.

You can give your team a name and you can name each group as well by hovering on the name field as in the figure below.

3- Once you finish customizing your team, you can either save it or share it with you coworkers.

4- Finally, go ahead and click on “Post and View Experts” to post your hiring request and go to your dashboard.

Your dashboard will like this:

5- Once approved by our quality team, you will be able to browse profile of experts and hire, out clients save from 10-15x less time when they used our platform.

For any inquiries, please send us a message or email us at info@supportfinity.com

Moe Nada

Moe Nada

I am obsessed about technology and its unmatchable ability to change the world.
We founded SupportFinity to help as many individuals find top tech jobs and companies to tap into worldwide talents using our patented technology.

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