How Registration and Referral Bonuses Work?


SupportFinity has made it simple for tech professionals of all experience levels to find work and connect with professional worldwide. It is one of the most growing tech communities in the world now.

Once anyone joins the platform, he/she will be eligible to $100 registration bonus, also will be eligible for up to 5 referral bonuses of $25 each. These bonuses will be paid in-full with first salary once accepted for a job when SupportFinity is the employing company.

In this article, we will explain how the bonuses system work with answers to some FAQs.

Step 1: Register your profile

The first step is to register your profile by adding your basic information, skills and experiences and finally your resume and social media links if needed. The process takes usually less than one minute.

Step 2: $100 Bonus will be added to your account!

After completing your profile, a $100 bonus will be added to your account balance. To be eligible to receive this bonus, you must be accepted for a job posted by SupportFinity and not by any other employer on the platform.

Step 3: Increase your balance by inviting friends

To boost your balance, you can invite your friends to register their profiles as well. You will just need to click on “Invite friends” from your dashboard and you’ll receive a $25 on each successful registration coming from your referral link. The registration and referral bonuses will be paid in-full with the first salary once accepted for a job when SupportFinity is the employing company.


How do I receive a registration bonus?

You get a 100$ bonus added to your balance by registering your profile at SupportFinity, the bonus will be paid to you with your first salary once accepted for a job when SupportFinity is the hiring company.

I got accepted for a job, am I eligible to receive the bonus?

If the hiring company is SupportFinity then yes you are!

I connected my PayPal account but it gives me an error, what should I do?

This happens because there’s a mismatch between your PayPal account name and SupportFinity account name. You can solve this problem by making the two account names identical.

How do you transfer my bonus money?

We use PayPal, direct bank transfers, and local transfer technologies for more than 170 countries.

I got accepted for a job posted directly by SupportFinity, When will I receive my bonus?

Your bonus will be received with your first salary.

Am I eligible to receive my bonus for projects posted by SupportFinity?

Yes, you are eligible to receive bonuses for projects only posted by SupportFinity.

Am I eligible for the bonus for jobs and projects posted by companies other than SupportFinity?

No, but your bonus will be kept for you and you will be eligible to receive it if you got accepted for SupportFinity’s projects or jobs.

Will my bonus expire?

No, your bonus will never expire!

Do you offer other payment methods other than PayPal?

Yes, absolutely, we use many other transfer methods other than PayPal, like direct bank transfers, Venmo, and many other worldwide local methods.

Can I increase my balance?

Yes! you can increase it by inviting your friends as mentioned above. You’ll receive a $25 bonus for each friend you refer up to a maximum of 5 complete invitations.

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