How to Ace TikTok Marketing?

Tiktok Marketing

Marketers can reach people all over the world in a fun, creative space with TikTok. A social media platform that has shaken the world in the recent years.

Being ahead of the curve on its innovative trends can do wonders for any brand’s reputation. TikTok video contents do not need massive budgets either, as content can be made on-the-fly in everyday settings stands just as good a chance of going viral.

When it comes to exposure and interaction, TikTok levels the playing field for marketers. Videos uploaded to TikTok by accounts with no followers can go viral and receive millions of views because of the platform’s unique algorithm! If the content is interesting enough, people will participate and boost your engagement.

In this article, we will be discussing what makes TikTok so unique and how to benefit the most from using it in brands marketing.

What makes Tiktok different?

When a brand new user launches the app, they will immediately be presented with the for you page(FYP). No other accounts need to be followed for yours to be populated with a constant flow of short clips from across the platform.

The real magic of the application lies in its next steps. Regular users of the FYP app say that as you watch more videos, the app gradually changes the mix of videos it shows you from all over the site in an effort to better predict which ones you’ll like. Now, let’s dig deeper into the TikTok’s algortithm.

TikTok’s smart algorithm

How it works?

At TikTok, the user’s behavior is one of the top things to look for. With this data, the app can learn to accommodate individual users’ tastes and track their evolution over time. As a result, it assigns a value to each video based on how well it conforms to these psychological cues.

TikTok takes into account several crucial data signals including the number of views, shares a video has gotten, Likes, Follows, Comments, Your content, and Videos. This data helps TikTok determine what kinds of videos you enjoy and which creators you tend to favor. That’s why it’s so good at suggesting videos like the ones you’ve already watched and interacted with. Also, it’s more likely to recommend videos from channels you’ve watched before and liked.

While optimizing for speed, TikTok also considers the user’s device and account settings. It primarily analyzes the user’s choice of category, language, device, and location.

However, after taking these points into consideration, the algorithm gives more credit to a robust indicator of interest, such as watching a video from beginning to end.

How can understanding the algorithm help in marketing?

Understanding the TikTok algorithm is essential if you intend to use the platform seriously for commercial purposes. To increase your video’s exposure on TikTok, you should be familiar with the factors that the platform’s algorithm takes into account.

With a well-written caption and the use of trending hashtags, you can increase your exposure to the right people. Your video’s metadata (such as captions and hashtags) is important, but user actions have an even greater impact on the algorithm’s decision-making.

As a result, you should make posts that people will actually read. Your goal should be to increase engagement in your chosen field so that more people will see your content in their “For You” feeds.

Using well-known TikTok sounds is also a great strategy for getting your content noticed by the TikTok algorithm. To increase the discoverability of your videos in the eyes of those interested in a particular soundtrack, keep an eye out for instances where you can put these tags to use.

It’s popularity

It’s natural to gravitate toward the platforms with the most users when building your brand through social media. According to Statista, TikTok became the sixth platform to surpass 1 billion users last year. The United States has 136 million of those one billion users. Statista also discovered that 167 million videos were viewed each minute on TikTok. These TikTok statistics show that TikTok is the social media platform with the highest rate of usage per minute, which is indicative of the platform’s widespread popularity.

TikTok is the best for businesses.

TikTok currently holds the position of the most influential social media platform in terms of influencing purchases. However, unlike other social media sites where financial backing is the only way to get noticed, originality is still valued above all on TikTok. If you can build a loyal fan base with engaging content, you can elevate your business to new heights.

Using TikTok for Business makes it simple and inexpensive to spread the word about your business. After signing up, you’ll be able to select a goal for your advertisements, like clickthrough rates to your site or app installs. The next step is to choose your demographic and budget (which can be as low as $30). The final step is to upload your video or image, along with any accompanying text or CTA, and hit submit.

When you sign up for TikTok for Business, you gain entry to a social network that is popular among the millennial generation because of its emphasis on creativity, simplicity, and relevance. Honestly, promoting content on the platform is a fantastic way to gain high-quality followers and increase engagement!

3 Ways to market your brand

TikTok can be useful for marketers in three main ways:

1) Marketing with influencers

One of the best ways to benefit from TikTok is to interact with the influencers who use it. Due to their in-depth knowledge of the app, influencers are able to turn boring brand messages into entertaining and engaging videos. In addition to raising brand awareness, this method of advertising can help you reach a whole new set of users.

2) Use current trends

TikTok users appreciate creative videos, but you don’t have to tinker around for hours to come up with the next big thing. TikToks that successfully imitate a popular style tend to do very well. Check out the app, see what’s happening, and figure out how your company can get involved.

3) Paid ads

Advertisements on TikTok were only introduced recently. TikTok For Business is their proprietary ad-serving platform where companies can promote their products with in-feed ads, custom hashtags, and video filters.

Even though many of the first brands to join TikTok were large, well-known companies, it can be useful for smaller businesses to examine the reasons why brands of all sizes are joining the platform.

Tips on marketing on Tiktok using ads

According to TikTok for business, these are the best 9 tips for driving ads performance on the app:

TikTok for business tips

Use the power of sound

TikTok is always sound-on. First, use music and sounds to enhance your story. Use one of our thousands of commercially licensed tracks to simplify. Fast-paced songs above 120 beats for minutes (BPM) often boost view-through rate (VTR). You can also tell your story through music and sounds, such as by reinterpreting lyrics.

Get your key message early

Over 63% of the highest click-rate (CTR ) videos highlight their key message or product in the first 3 seconds. Be direct and brief. TikTok users value stories above all else. Incorporate your message into a TikTok-style narrative.

Let TikTok creators lead

TikTok Creators know what’s popular on the platform. TikTok’s data shows that letting Creators make TikTok videos improves ad performance. Sign up for the TikTok Creator Marketplace to boost your ads by using TikTok’s most successful Creators.

Stay trendy

TikTok content often features new effects, editing styles, or storylines. Referencing these trends in your ad can boost performance and start conversations in the TikTok community. To ride these trends, watch trending topics and ensure fast production.

Keep it real and entertaining

Almost half of the best TikTok auction ads tell emotional stories. Keep it real and relatable on TikTok. TikTok content is often lighthearted and positive. Sometimes levity is all that’s needed.

Shoot TikTok-native

Shoot in 9:16 to capture 100% of TikTok’s vertical full-screen experience. TikToks shot vertically get 25% more 6-second views. When shooting for TikTok, try to strike a balance between user-generated and ad-like content.

Break the fourth wall

TikTok creators directly address the community, often looking them in the eyes. 33% of high-VTR auction ads do this. Make it a dialogue by asking questions and eliciting audience responses.

Overlay clear text

TikTok tells visual, fast-paced stories. Text overlays, effects, and stickers are used in this editing style. 40% of high-VTR auction ads use this creative tip.

Add a strong call-to-action

TikTok has a variety of call-to-action buttons for auction ads, whether you’re sending viewers to your website, app, or e-commerce portal. Use personal, direct language in your call-to-action

The bottom line

The bottom line is that there is no magic bullet for creating a viral TikTok ad. The opportunities are vast and fascinating, so we urge brands to stand out from the crowd. Using the above tips may help in up-leveling your marketing strategy. Finally, brands should try out different types of effective creative to find what works best for them.

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