Rejection Reasons Hiring Managers Won’t Share With You


Every Hiring Manager has his/her own set of requirements and expectations, this is what always makes each hiring experience different from one to another. 

If you got rejected even once in your career, the real reason(s) behind that rejection might be things you will never really know. A common rejection reason you will get is that they found someone more aligned with what they are looking for. But what really are they looking for? and what are the real things hidden beneath?

This article will discuss some rejection reasons that Hiring Managers don’t usually voice out.

“We didn’t vibe”

Your accomplishments will not be enough to get you the job, but your personality probably will! Someone could have the ideal resume, outstanding credentials, vast experience, and all the right responses. However, if she/he lacks excitement, common chemistry, or likeability she/he will be rejected. In other words, your personality comes before your credentials, and you should be ok with that and be aware of it.

First impression is extremely important, few Recruiters and Hiring Managers will overlook a poor one. Hiring Managers are looking for people whom they mainly can like and trust, if you did not resonate clearly with that, you are out of the their funnel! Poor etiquette, sloppy replies, wrong gestures, and many other tiny things can all diminish your chances of advancing into following stages.

“You were underdressed or overdressed”

As we mentioned, first impressions are the lasting ones. Make sure you are dressed appropriately before an interview, even if it is online.

There is usually a common dress code within each industry. When interviewing for a financial institution or a bank, it’s often preferable to dress formally. A smart business attire can be more suitable for a Sales or Business Developer position for a tech or services firm.

Overdressing at an interview can send the wrong message about the applicant’s familiarity with the company’s culture and put the interviewer in an uncomfortable state. It’s an art to find the right balance between your personal style and the company acceptable dressing code, play it right.

“You don’t align with our culture”

You have your own culture, that’s for sure. Does it fit with the place you are applying at? If you don’t, the Hiring Manager won’t probably tell you that.

Usually the Hiring Manager will be aware of your experience and skill-set from your resume, that is already why you are having an interview. What’s harder for her/him is to know how well you’ll get along with your potential coworkers and how you’ll fit-in with their culture and workplace environment.

Every place has its own culture, if it is too open and you are not ok with that, then it is a problem. If it is too formal but you are not, it’s not your place.

Finally, to avoid awkward misalignments, make sure you search well and understand the culture of the place you are apply at.

Being dynamic, easy to talk to and clear about who you really are makes it always easier for you and your interviewer to be on the same communication wavelength. You need to check that one successfully, and they will not tell you why they rejected you if you didn’t.

“I found mismatches between you and what’s in your resume”

Everyone tries to make her/his resume as attractive as possible, that’s ok. Just do not overwrite what might make you lose integrity in an interview. You will be surprised to know that most of rejections you might get boil down to a mismatch between what you’re really good at and what you say you’re good at in your resume.

The interview process usually reveals whether or not you are actually what you say you are! Make sure these two are well aligned.

Other things…

It doesn’t mean you’re underqualified if you did not get the job. It could be that you were good, but they already had someone in mind for it.

You might be overqualified or that the selection process wasn’t fair enough. There will always be reasons you don’t know, and you can’t do anything about that. Not every opportunity is for you anyways. And remember, you only need one successful shot!

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  • Dalia Fawzy

    Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate. Fawzy Dalia
Dalia Fawzy

Dalia Fawzy

Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate.

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