The Top Recruitment Applications of 2022 (A Full Review)


Businesses only succeed if they hire the right people, recruitment applications exist to make that task easier (despite the gaps that every recruitment application has).

These applications aid businesses in streamlining the hiring process and screening potential candidates. Using process automation with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), interview apps, and CRM systems are all features of a good recruitment application.

Our Main conclusion

There is no complete recruitment solution yet, and they all lack the depth needed to cater for the hiring problem from an end-to- end prospective.

Recruitment applications may improve brand awareness and applicant experiences with automated and customizable hiring processes.

We are aware that recruiting software applications are essential for finding and hiring qualified candidates for open positions in your company. In this article, we have evaluated numerous applications because not all systems are the same and it is important to know how to tell a good one from another, and we came up with our top five in the market!

1. Workable

Workable is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that makes it simple for hiring teams to identify candidates, keep track of applicants, and collaborate. It is relatively affordable and simple to use, it includes features that will make life easier for both employers and job searchers. Workable’s primary customers are small and medium-sized enterprises, which can use Workable to manage, streamline, and eventually scale-up their employment operations. 

The range of pricing can satisfy small to midsize businesses (SMBs) or enterprises.Minimal onboarding capabilities.
Easy to use and navigate.Not the best ATS.
Posting across multiple job boards.Has some problems with the fully remote positions.

2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a web-based recruiting service. The ATS offers resume parsing, automated job board posting, customizable firm careers pages, resume storage, and interview scheduling. Zoho’s apps enable users to collaborate and enhance productivity.

Zoho Recruit increases company job openings’ visibility by establishing a personalized career homepage and utilizing job boards, social media, and direct sourcing. The software’s career page includes every job vacancy and welcomes applications for numerous positions. The solution allows candidates to build up user profiles and apply for various jobs.

Zoho Recruit connects with Google apps like Google Calendar to save repetitive data entering. Upgraded versions are offered on a per-month subscription basis.

Cost Effective.Poor customer support.
Great integration with existing Zoho products.Disconnected features can be confusing and difficult to use.
Vast customization options.Restricted functionality of the mobile app.

3. Jobvite

Jobvite provides businesses with robust tools for managing the recruitment process. Re-engage passive prospects for hard-to-fill opportunities, build applicant tracking system-integrated career portals, and manage applications. The onboarding options in Jobvite allow users to text candidates and schedule video interviews without leaving the platform.

Onboarding suite.It lags sometimes with limited customization options.
Great scheduling option.Needs better job description database capabilities.
User-friendly ATS.The recruitment reports can be less confusing.

4. Greenhouse

Greenhouse provides services for businesses to address the hiring problem in a broad approach. Greenhouse Recruiting’s products encourage effective interaction with candidates at every stage of the hiring process, streamline operations, and maintain interest among all members of the selection panel. In addition to being the market leader in HR software, Greenhouse is at the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) tools, which are designed to eliminate bias and ensure a fair system during the hiring process.

Categorizing applicantsNo free trial
Provides good collaboration between all the members that participate in the interview process.Revisiting applicants that were initially rejected
Good integration with social media channelsA bit complicated UI

5. BambooHR

Designed to simplify HR tasks like data collecting, onboarding, hiring, payroll, and employee management, BambooHR is an all-in-one human resource management solution.

Using BambooHR’s in-built reporting and editing features, HR managers can keep track of their employee’s data in one place. Users can stay updated on how they feel about each applicant they’ve interviewed, receive reminders about where they stand in the hiring process, and share their thoughts with others using Bamboo’s integrated application tracking system. Users can also keep tabs on vacation requests and granted time off to guarantee precise payroll calculations for all employees.

Solid Customer Support.Has some payroll issues.
Easy to use HRIS.No customization available.
Has time-tracking.Not the best for large companies.


To summarize, recruitment software are all lacking the complete capability of hiring end-to-end, they all fall short on providing a comprehensive experience, that is pretty much related to the nature of the hiring problem, that is broad with various friction points.

Choosing the best recruitment software to use will depend on the size and number of jobs your business needs to fill, your taste, and the features you want to use. In order to make the right decision about your application, you’ll need to figure out what your biggest hiring problems are and what high-level features that will work best for your business.

SupporFinity’s unique technology has made remarkable changes for structuring and streamlining the hiring process, it helps both startups and large corporations to find and hire the best candidates, thanks to its patented technology and years of experience with the hiring process across many customer segments.

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