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SupportFinity application tips

SupportFinity is now one of the top hiring platforms worldwide.

Businesses of all sizes can seamlessly hire efficiently like never before whether to hire globally or locally using SupportFinity’s unmatchable features, thanks to the deep design, data analytics and intelligence embedded in the platform.

On SupportFinity, we have made it easier for job-seekers and hiring managers to learn more about one another, so that the scenario is always clear for both parties.

If you are looking for a job on SupportFinity, You can easily make sure your application stands outs by following few tips that I will discuss in this article.

Before getting into the details you may be wandering how the hiring manager views your profile. A great option on SupportFinity is that the hiring manager sees a small card about you at the beginning that includes all the information needed in the hiring process before digging deeper into your profile

Here’s an example of what an application card looks like:

SupportFinity’s application card

Cover letter

A well-written cover letter is a great method to demonstrate how your abilities and experience match the job description. Make it clear that your skills, knowledge, and experience are a good fit for the position you are applying for.

In order to make the perfect cover letter, you will need to read the job description well, your cover letter should grasp the attention and include all the reasons why you are fit for this position.

The cover letter also needs to show some personalization for the company that you are applying for, tailoring your cover letter for every job application definitely raises your chances for being noticed and to be closer to the job.


A high-definition photo with a light background and a clear gaze can surely make a positive impact. One photo can make a stronger first impression like no other!

Employers are 78% more likely to focus on your card if it is accompanied by a nice photo. A good photo will pique their curiosity and encourage them to know more about you.

Answer hiring managers questions

Understanding the purpose behind the hiring manager questions is important. Posting questions is considered an efficient way of filtering and finding the best candidates. Of course, you can apply without answering the questions, but we believe that this can hinder your chances of getting to the top of the applicants’ pyramid!

If you chose to answer the questions posted by the hiring manager, your responses should be clear and concise. Your answers should show what makes you different from the other candidates whom you will be compared to. This will help the manager learn more about you and get a better idea of what you can do.

Finally, answering the questions correctly means that you care about your application. Your answers should show enthusiasm and professionalism, in this way the hiring manager knows that you care about your application and will give you better attention. An definitely increases your odds of moving to the next stages of the hiring funnel.

Reply promptly to Hiring Managers

Once the hiring managers decide that your application is a good fit, be ready to be contacted, they can either message you on SupportFinity, email you or ask you directly to meet online. Direct messaging is the most common and the easiest way of communication on SupportFinity. You will get a message, and maybe a nice chat will lead to the job of your dreams.

Your promptness and responsiveness will demonstrate to hiring managers that you are a reliable and trustworthy candidate. Your communication quality is a core aspect of who you are.

And finally, your profile

In order to have make a great profile, you will need to include the following:

Right data: Filling out your profile with accurate information will result a better job match. SupportFinity’s technology will match you with jobs that matches your profile, this is a patented and very reliable technology, however, it can not work well without knowing what your true skills are.

Always keep in mind that the more precise your profile, the more accurate your matches from our proprietary algorithm will be.

Social media accounts: Including your social media accounts bolsters your profile in many ways, it may include samples of your work, your track of work, and many things that Hiring Managers want to know about you.

Finally, we believe in the importance of matching great talent with the right job opportunities, which is why we invested our vast knowledge and thousands of hard working hours in creating this platform to make applying for a job a simple and efficient experience to everyone. 

Our team wishes you the best of luck in your job search and welcomes your feedback!


  • Dalia Fawzy

    Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate. Fawzy Dalia
Dalia Fawzy

Dalia Fawzy

Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate.

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