Top 5 Tech Skills To Look For in 2022


Working in tech is most challenging, business needs are evolving everyday, thus day-to-day needed skills are constantly changing and upgrading. To succeed in the tech skills job market, you will need to continually improve your knowledge and vertical expertise. While hiring managers need people with soft skills, there is always be a high need for those with deep technical know-how.

So, competence in one area isn’t enough to keep up with the dynamic talents market. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 tech skills employers are looking for in 2022 based on the data we have at SupportFinity. This data is collected from more than 20,000 technical profiles and jobs posted on SupportFinity’s job board.

1. Software Development

Software development is still on high trend and mostly needed in almost every company. The work of a software developer spans the entire lifecycle of a custom software system, from requirements gathering to deployment and testing. It can involve anything from developing proprietary software to making a commercially available software.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for software engineers may rise to 22% by 2029.

More than 4.7 million Software Developers worked remotely during the COVID crisis. So, even throughout the pandemic, there was still a demand for Software Developers. Many new coding languages and techniques are on the rise.

Accordingly, we believe the future of Software Developers is bright.

Here are some skills that every software developer should have.

2. Data Science and Analytics

It is becoming more and more evident everyday that the processing and analysis of data have a tremendous amount of value, and this is the area in which Data Science comes into the spotlight.

Extraction of knowledge and insights from data, both structured and unstructured, is the goal of data science, which encompasses the scientific methodologies, tools, processes, and algorithms used to accomplish this.

By 2026, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 11.5 million Data Science and Analytics positions. So businesses will not be able to address this demand without access to talents in this sophisticated domain.

Here are some skills that every Data Scientist should have.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing involves storing and accessing databases, software, servers, networking, and analytics over public or private networks. It lets enterprises store files and apps on remote servers and access them through platform agnostic technologies, that is called the cloud. It maintains data on real and virtual servers that can always be accessed from anywhere.

Gartner predicts worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services would climb 20.4% in 2022 to $494.7 billion, up from $410.9 billion in 2021. End-user spending might exceed $600 billion in 2023.

Using the cloud as a foundation for software solutions boosts efficiency, decrease costs, and increase responsiveness. It definitely speeds up the pace of innovation and GTM strategies.

The development of cloud computing has fostered unprecedented levels of innovation and creativity in various applications and Internet of Things (IoTs) domain, which has in turn allowed for the introduction of game-changing goods throughout the whole technology value chain.

Here are some skills needed for working in Cloud Computing.

4. Cyber Security

System and network administrators of all sizes have had to prioritize cyber security as attacks on data stores containing personally identifiable information and other high-value data have become increasingly common.

Cybersecurity has emerged as a leading technological trend. US Bureau of Labor forecasts 31% growth in cybersecurity jobs through 2029 as the number of people working remotely and sharing data online continues to rise.

There’s already a significant increase in demand for cybersecurity professionals. There will undoubtedly be a greater demand for people skilled in cybersecurity in the years to come. Positions in the cybersecurity industry are highly technical, and individuals in this field will need to be able to acquire a broader range of skills.

Here are some skills needed for working in Cyber Security

5. DevOps

DevOps is a set of methods and technologies that combine software development and IT operations to reduce the time it takes to construct a system. Its goal is to make the process of developing, testing, and releasing software faster and more dependable.

According to a recent market analysis, the DevOps market will surpass $20 billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 24.7% between 2019 and 2026. DevOps has permitted faster and more dependable software development, delivery, higher quality, and more customer satisfaction.

It is one of the best-paying remote professions available in the market. In 2022 and beyond, a job in DevOps will be highly rewarding. You might be able to reach the ultimate level of success in this industry if you’re enthusiastic about the intersection of development and operations.

Here are some skills needed to become a DevOps Engineer.


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