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Remote work has become a fact of life for many businesses! While remote work can differ than working from the office in a multitude of ways, you may need to explore new some tools to enhance your and your team’s efficiency.

In this article, we will go over some tools that will help you work better especially if you work remotely most of the time. Most of these tools are free to use.


Trello is a tool for managing projects and getting teams to work together. Trello looks like a board with sticky notes. Tasks and projects can be put into columns and moved around easily to show workflow, who owns the project, and its status.

Tasks can have a lot of information, like images and files attached, and they can also have deadlines and other details about their status. Tasks can also have notes, which let team members keep track of how things are going, and certain people can be marked for action and follow-up.

Trello also works with hundreds of third-party apps and services, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, GitHub, Slack, Jira, and many more. It also works with a lot of plug-ins that were made just for Trello, like one that turns your Trello board into a burndown chart and another that puts cards on hold until a certain date or time.

This is what Trello’s board looks like

Trello‘s board


Spike is an email application for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and the web, which enables users to view email in a chat-like, conversational format, with additional features built-in.

Modern inbox Spike combines together your email, phone calls, notes, tasks and to-dos into a single consolidated hub, making it easy to stay organized.

Spike, the first conversational email client, transforms your inbox into a chat thread that looks much like a text message thread, streamlining your communication, saving you time, and bringing together all of your critical work tools in one place.

As long as you have an email account, Spike will sync across all of your devices so that you never miss a beat. Everything you need to be productive and keep things moving in your workflow is right here in one place, and it’s more than just email.

Here’s what spike chats looks like

You can check more amazing features from here!


Krisp is an AI-based noise-cancelling software that is highly effective at reducing background noise. Calls produced by Krisp are very clear. It works well for both video conferences and call centers. Users may utilize it to reduce noise level or to do the same for a caller from a loud area as well.

Here’s what your app will look like


MeetinVR makes human connection easier and more productive than in real life by simulating a new reality that is tailored to facilitate excellent teamwork.

It a great tool for holding meetings, training sessions, and educational events with your staff or with your clients. With the technologies that increase productivity, such as a 3D pen, virtual screens, whiteboards, voice zones, personal tablets, and document sharing features.

According to the desired capabilities, the company provides both a free edition and a variety of paid monthly subscription plans. In addition, they provide fully customized rooms as a service for customers who want their rooms to reflect more particular needs, their brand, or to mimic their real-life offices.


Know more about MeetinVR from here.


Miro is an effective solution if you’re seeking for a unified platform to do whiteboard sessions, brainstorming sessions, and other forms of team collaboration.

When it comes to choosing a collaboration platform, Miro’s flexible feature set and membership tiers make it a top pick for freelancers, project managers, developers, and consultants alike.

Miro is available for download on desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and the Surface Hub, and may also be accessed in the cloud. The mobile app versions are not comprehensive. If you are just starting off, you can get started with Miro in the cloud or you may download the desktop version and use it.

Miro’s boards

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Dalia Fawzy

Dalia Fawzy

Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate.

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