Top Winning Job Boards of 2022 ( A Full Review)


Using a job board is a great way for hiring managers and recruiters to scout for suitable candidates. There are many features that make the finest job boards stand out from the competition. Easy interface, strong reach, and the ability to match with top candidates are among the features of the most efficient platforms.

We thoughtfully did a research and analyzed many platforms to identify the best ones we could recommend for 2022. We narrowed our preferences based on total plan pricing, availability of job-posting tools, and compatibility with other current job boards. User-friendliness, accessibility, and positive reviews from existing consumers were all considered as well.

1. Indeed

Indeed hiring platform is an integrated hiring solution that assists in automating time-consuming hiring processes such as screening, scheduling, and candidate communications depending on the job requirements and hiring needs.

Businesses might benefit from using Indeed to discover candidates for their open positions. It may be one of the finest resources for finding the employees needed due to its low cost and extensive user base. Although there are positions available at all levels of experience and expertise on Indeed, the majority of its users are recent graduates and other entry-level candidates.

Hiring managers can ask many job-screening questions.Sponsored posts can be expensive to reach enough candidates.
Free and premium job posting.Free job postings has no visibility.
Suitable for posting for all kinds of work including internships, freelance, and part-time.Not all job types are successful on the platform, especially senior-level ones.

2. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is a job board software that allows businesses of all sizes to post job vacancies to identify and hire candidates. Administrators can use custom templates to build job descriptions and add screening questions to job postings to evaluate applicants.

It allows professionals to streamline hiring processes by sending mobile push notifications and customized emails to target candidates based on their skills, location, years of experience, and more. Businesses can also advertise job postings to target relevant job searchers, engage with qualified prospects via direct chat, and assess applications collaboratively with team members.

The largest professional social network.Many good features are not free.
High traffic.Quality of candidates is a concern.
High visibility.Not the best for technical roles.

3. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is an online platform that has assisted notable businesses in their search for suitable candidates to fill open positions. Among SimplyHired’s useful features for businesses are free job postings, email notifications of new applicant submissions, and access to a large resume database. The major downside is that it is difficult to predict prices; a hiring manager will have to pay to reveal a candidate’s contact information, and there is no guarantee that they will respond after you communicate directly.

Free job posting.Unpredictable cost for contacting applicants.
Helpful customer service.Not suitable for professional-level jobs.
User-friendly.The post-to-hire time is slow.

4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter‘s mission is to connect businesses with qualified candidates for available positions. As soon as it goes up, it has a matching mechanism that finds and contacts particular job seekers to apply for vacant positions. Its job seeker network is one of the largest in the world, so your chances of finding a huge number of applications and increasing your chances of finding the correct one are better than most.

Easy and simple to use.Not suitable for professional-level positions.
AI matching with candidates.Only 4 days free trial.
Good reach.Not many filtering options.

5. SupportFinity

SupportFinity‘s methodology is supported by proprietary advanced AI and data analytics. It allows hiring managers to find and hire tech, marketing and sales talents anywhere in the world. They have two products:

The global hiring platform where hiring managers can customize a whole team and obtain an instant cost of hiring from any country and match with vetted specialists.

The second product is the job board where the hiring managers can post job ads , get automated job description, salary and skills suggestions.

They have a patented matching technology, wrapped with impressive customer support, one of the unique features is that they have both automated and hand-picked recommendation mechanisms on every job opened.

High quality candidates.Specialized only in tech, marketing and sales
Dedicated Customer Support.Still a growing community.
Impressive ATS and AI embedded features.

SupporFinity’s unique technology has made remarkable changes for structuring and streamlining the hiring process, it helps both startups and large corporations to find and hire the best candidates quickly, thanks to its patented technology and long years of experience with the hiring process across many customer segments.

The tech community at SupportFinity is one of the largest and most growing communities worldwide, this guarantees a way better experience than any hiring platform.

With its Job board and applicant tracking system (ATS), the platform is the only one of its kind to meet the hiring needs of both small businesses and large corporations. As a Hiring Manager, you can hire a global team from scratch or post job ads and either way you will enjoy a high quality experience at higher speed, and impressive span of control like no other hiring platform.

Was this article useful? you can read more at SupportFinity’s blog.


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