Why Job Description is so important?


One of the toughest challenges in hiring is reaching to the right talent with the right message, convincing potential candidates to show interest in your job.

Scouting and searching for new candidates needs time and effort, which is why you must use effective hiring technologies and write clear job descriptions that send the right message to your prospects. It is a marketplace at the end, your job description is your only way to share what you are looking for.

As a Hiring Manager, you should post your Job Description (JD) to the right job board, you might need to check our article on The best job boards in 2022 in order to choose the best one that may work for your company.

Job Description is the first point of contact between a company and a potential candidates. It should not only highlight job responsibilities but it also highlights the company’s values and the benefits of being part of it.

In this article, we will discuss the components of a good Job Description that shall put the right structure to attract the right profiles.

What is a job description?

The purpose of a Job Description is to provide a clear and concise summary of the duties, skills, and experience required for a specific position. In essence, a job description is a detailed advertisement for an available position whether it is a task or a full-time job.

A good JD will attract the right candidates to your open position. The JD does not only define the responsibilities of the position it also helps candidates prepare for interviews as well.

In other words, the job description is the message you send to the market and it’s your way of communicating what you seek in a candidate. If your job description lacks clarity, realism, and simplicity, you will not attract the right candidates. People will have difficulty reading your Job Description, and as a result, your effectiveness will be significantly diminished.

Components of a good JD

Job Title

Be specific with your job titles. Job titles that include key phrases that describe the position well are more likely to attract the attention of potential candidates than broad titles that don’t. According to the data we analyzed, 84% of people looking for work on our platform use the job’s title in their search.


A job bio is basically what you are looking for in a candidate, it is a short blurb of what you are expecting to see in an interview. For example “We are looking for a responsible candidate for developing applications for mobile devices powered by Apple’s iOS operating system for various application requests that we get from our clients.”

This quick blurb is extremely important as it defines whether or not the job is suitable for the reader, if it is unclear, too long or too complicated you’re certainly loosing good candidates!


Describe the duties of the position. Make a thorough, concise list of your responsibilities. Emphasize company-specific responsibilities.

Highlight the position’s daily responsibilities. This assists candidates in comprehending the workplace and daily activities. This level of detail will assist candidates in determining whether the role and company are a good match or not.

Describe the role’s place in the organization. To assist candidates in seeing the big picture and how the role impacts the business, specify who the job reports to and how the person will function.


Begin the qualifications by outlining all of the qualifications that your ideal candidate should have and start by the most important ones.

Qualifications may include the following:

Technical skills

 Soft skills


Previous employment


Years of expertise

Technical abilities

Personality traits you seek in a candidate

Every company and position requires its own unique qualifications; therefore, qualifications should always be sufficiently clear. Since we believe that hiring decisions should be collaborative, at SupportFinity‘s job board we have included a “Share” option on our platform that allows hiring managers, referrals and the recruiting teams to share jobs.


Non-monetary benefits are frequently a deciding factor for prospective employees. You can include the following for your company:

Paid time off

Healthcare coverage and wellness programs

Provisions for retirement

Options for child care and parental leave

Type of work

While full-time employment is the norm, it should be noted that some positions may necessitate part-time availability. If the position is part-time, you should specify the expected number of hours worked per week. The candidate should also be informed of the position’s on-site, hybrid, or remote nature.

About the hiring company

Create an authentic “About Us” description. Here is your chance to catch the attention and convince job applicants. Inform prospective employees about the company’s history, work style, and values.  

Candidates will have a better grasp of the full picture of your company after learning a few key facts. Finally, giving brief descriptions of your products/services is good, especially for startup companies.

Things to avoid in a Job Description

Adding too many skills

If you include too many skills and objectives, the position will seem unfocused, and applicants will wonder if they are even qualified to apply. Although they may have the necessary skills you are looking for.

Long JDs

Job descriptions should be detailed and specific, but they shouldn’t be too lengthy.

You need to attract the right talent in the shortest possible time. Writing an engaging and detailed yet effective Job Description is a must. There should be no filler, just the most important details as Job Seekers need quick access to the information they need to decide whether or not the position is worth their time and effort.

Avoid too much jargon

Posting job descriptions full of jargon and technical terms only serves to confuse potential applicants. For entry positions, Junior candidates will be discouraged with too many technical terms. Clarity is always a must, especially when for recent graduates who may not be as familiar with industry terms as more experienced candidates.

Choosing the wrong job board

If you post your job ad on the wrong website, it won’t matter how well it was written, it it will never be seen by the right candidates!

Explore the best online job boards and social media sites to advertise your open positions. Try to be specific in your postings; if you need a web designer, don’t put up an ad in a platform where construction engineering congregates. Another thing to consider is the quality of the job board that you post on because at the end of the day it shows your company’s name and reputation.


The puzzle can finally be constructed, as you now possess every necessary component. We’ve compiled a sample that includes all the necessary elements of a job description to serve as a source of ideas and additional direction.

From SupportFinity board

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Dalia Fawzy

Dalia Fawzy

Content Creator at Supportfinity. A technology enthusiast and knowledge passionate.

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